Jeff Caudill on Lamp Light 3 compilation

We’d like to thank Los Angeles, California’s Jeff Caudill for the lead-off track to Volume 3 in our comp series. Jeff’s music has been in our ears and on stages in front of us since his days fronting Gameface. The song he lent to us is from our favorite solo album of his, Reset The Sun. We’re proud to marry both worlds and offer our humble rejuvenated awareness of the beautiful “I Wouldn’t Wait” via the Lamp Light The Fire series. 

From Jeff’s bio:
Not many artists stay relevant to their fan-base over a sustained period of time, but California singer-songwriter, Jeff Caudill, is one such rarity. Shooting to prominence with pop-punk band, Gameface, in the early 1990s, his irrepressible knack for a memorable hook and melody quickly established a dedicated following. He led the band around the globe, gradually shedding youthful exuberance for a string of increasingly mature releases, before finally abandoning the tour van in 2003. 
…After soul searching and maturing, Gameface reunited and released their strongest and most deeply felt batch of material to date, ‘Now is What Matters Now’ in 2014. After touring for that album, Caudill returned to write a decidedly Americana 6-song concept EP called ‘Reset The Sun’ – his first non-autobiographical group of songs. Recorded with a new band, ‘Reset The Sun’ is an alt-country road record with peaks and valleys and everything in between.

Note: Sadly for him and for all, Jeff has had to cancel his solo acoustic tour dates this April across England due to the Coronavirus.

facebook: jeffcaudillmusic
instagram: 42n8son
twitter: jeffcaudill

Engineer Records • Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation of Quiet(ER) Songs, Vol. 3 • March 13th, 2020.

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