Lamp Light The Fire, volume 3, out now

The new ‘Lamp light the fire’ compilation is out now.

This is volume three and it is full of awesome heartfelt songs by great bands that you are going to love.

Order a physical copy of the CD direct from Engineer Records or from any of the bands featured on it, or stream / download the album from any of the main digital channels right now.

Get excited, then go get it.

Here’s the artists / bands on this compilation (alphabetised, not in tracklist order):
• The 65’s
• Atlanta Arrival
• Baby Did a Bad Thing
• Bear Away
• Jeff Caudill
• Fairmont
• Graveyard Ghost Story
• Hail Taxi
• Holler and the Hand
• Old Currents
• Ben Parcell
• Rev. Kev and His One Ring Circus
• The Stayawakes
• JM Stevens
• That Dream Was Our Life
• Wlots
If you’d like to familiarise yourself with Volumes 1 (2012) & Volume 2 (2016), please do so now via as well as various digital outlets.

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